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Cleaning Procedure

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Procedure -

Step 1. Pre-inspection - this includes locating and identifying the soil and stains present.
Step 2. Special cleaning and spotting agents are selected that are specifically formulated for the the task at hand. Utilizing a professional spray instrument, this solution is then carefully applied to the carpet/upholstery with extra attention on the areas of concern. Now that soil and stains are loosened and suspended, it is time to perform the next four-in-one step...
Step 3. The deep steam cleaning process. This involves scrubbing, rinsing and extracting embedded filth and reviving matted pile with the powerful truck mount steam extraction system. This vigorous process continues until everything is thoroughly clean.
Step 4. Everything cleaned is now inspected to ensure that top quality workmanship has been met for the customer.

Optional -

A special deodorizing/disinfecting treatment can be applied to combat stubborn malodor.